Thursday, October 28, 2010

Guitar Playin'

Here's a first for this blog. I play music as a fairly serious distraction from painting. It's incredible how many artists I know also are musicians. Music must come from the same part of the brain or something. Anyway, this is a cover of one of my favourite guitar compositions, written by Maneli Jamal (whom I painted in the post below this). It's called Movement I: Norym, and is part of his fantastic album, The Ziur Movement. Go check it out at

Sunday, October 03, 2010

Maneli Jamal

This is Maneli Jamal. One of my favourite guitarists, and am also proud to call him a friend. PLEASE go check out his music - you are in for a treat! I painted this over the weekend, with a full film crew in the studio, filming its creation. It will be part of a short documentary with Maneli and myself, talking about painting, guitar playing, and life as an artist. I will be sure to post it here when it's done.
Oh, and that frame was made by my Dad!